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Q: What can I find on the Find Fit People platform?

A: Find Fit People is the worlds dedicated platform for people to find all health, sports, and fitness professionals, events, and courses

Q:What kind of professionals can I find on FFP?

A:You can literally find any type of Health specialist, Sports coaches or Fitness training professionals that can help you, your team, your business or others succeed.

Q:Does it cost to sign up?

A:Nope, it's completely free for clients to sign up and create an account.

Q:Does it cost to create a post?

A:Nope, it’s completely free for clients to post requests that get sent out to thousands of professionals.

Q:How do I connect with professionals?

A:Simply send out a Job Post via our Find Fit People mobile app (available from the Apple/Google Play stores) and registered professionals will reply to your post.

Q:How many professionals can I connect with?

A:As a client you have the ability to connect with as many professionals as you wish.

Q:What do I do once I’ve posted my Job Post?

A:Simply sit back and wait for an available professional/s accept you request. When you get a reply you can instantly start messaging them to find out more and confirm details.

Q:Where can I see my messages?

A:Via our mobile app you will get automatic notifications when professionals connect with you or messages are sent to you.

Q: Can I search through a list/s of professionals you have on the FFP platform?

A:Absolutely, just input the details of what you are looking for into the search field on the View Professionals page and the we’ll show you all the professionals with the skills matching your search criteria via a list and map

Q:Are the professional all qualified?

A:We work hard at making sure that everyone on the platform is properly certified, however the best way to know is simply by clicking the view certificates link on the professionals profile to see exactly which qualifications they have. You will also be able to view the professionals experience on their profile page, along with rankings and reviews that have been posted by people that have worked with the professional.

Q:How much does a professional charge me for services?

A:This varies from professional to professional, but the best news is that you’ll have all the information to determine who is the best value on your determined budget.

Q:Where does the ranking come from?

A:You the client. Rankings are determined by the scores professionals receive for each of the skills they have, and then these score are ranked against other professionals with the same skills.

Q:How do I rate / review a professional?

A:It's easy, simply find the professional you wish to review, and select theRate/Review link on their profile before following the steps.

Q:Can I block a professional once they have connected with me?

A:Yes absolutely – From the message center or the profile you can choose to disconnect or report a professional.

Q:Can I send a message to a professional before connecting?

A:Because we want you to have the best user experience, you must first be connected with a professional before being allowed to message them

Q:Can I connect with other clients on the platform

:No, connections are only between potential clients and professionals

FAQ’s About Joining as a Professional

Q:What is a basic account?

A:When professionals sign up they are automatically put on a basic account which allows a professional to set up a profile with a few skills, images, and most importantly receive job alerts from potential clients. Note that with this option you will need to purchase a membership or connection credits if you wish to accept a job post and connect with a potential client, or wish to receive a rating from your current clients

Q:What benefits do I get with a Bronze membership?

A:A Bronze membership allows you to start connecting with potential clients and build your FFP ranking. You can list an additional 3 skills for a total of 6 listed skills. You will also receive 25 credits that you can use to accept job posts.

Q:What added benefits do I get with a Silver membership?

A:The Silver membership is a step up from Bronze membership as you can list more skills to receive more alerts from clients – able to list a total of 9 skills.

You will receive a total of 50 connection credits to accept even more job posts and build a stronger ranking.

Q:What added benefits do I get with a Gold membership?

A:The Gold membership really is the ultimate package for generating the highest revenue for your business. It allows you to maximize your exposure in the region, establish an excellent ranking within your chosen field which means you will show higher on listings.List a total of 12 skills and receive a total of 150 connection credits

Q:When does a connection credit get deducted from my account?

A:When you receive a Job Opportunity notification you will be given one of3 options – Accept, Refer, Pass. By selecting Accept this means you wish to connect with the person and discuss the options further, and this is when and only when a credit is deducted from your account.NOTE:If you select one of the Refer or Pass options available, then NO credits are deducted from your account and your credit balance remains the same

Q:Where can I find the balance of my credits?

A:Your account profile will show your credit balance at the top of the page

Q:What are the options and costs for joining?

A:When a professional first signs up they will automatically be given a FREE Basic account. Then a professional can upgrade to a membership forwhich there are 3 available options. The most popular options is the Silver and Gold memberships which allow a professional to gain the most public exposure and generate the highest number of clients. Annual membershipoptions are;

    1.Bronze - $29.99

    2.Silver - $49.99

    3.Gold - $99.99

Q:Is there a cost for renewing?

A:The package you are subscribed to at the time of renewal will be automatically renewed so you can maintain your ranking and reviews on your professional profile on the Find Fit People platform. Note: There is no charge for those professionals with just a professional basic account.

Q:Can I just purchase credits without getting a membership?

A:Yes, we have a few credit only options for you to choose from;

  • 10 Credits - $19.99
  • 25 Credits - $39.99
  • 100 Credits - $99.99

Q:How does FFP help group fitness instructors/coaches?

A:There are a lot of benefits for group fitness instructors and coaches because you are part of a community that can always utilize your skills. Here are some of the immediate benefits;

  • Get job alerts for class or session covers
  • Be found by people looking to join your type of class
  • Become recognized as one of the best in your field
  • Increase awareness/exposure in your region and in other regions around the world
  • Be seen by companies, event organizers and individuals in search ofyour skills

Q:I work for a business, are there any restrictions on me joining?

A:Absolutely not. We can assist all professionals be they are freelancers, employees and even businesses.

Q:I already have a lot of clients, what benefits are there for me?

A:That fantastic that you have a successful business and FFP people can enhance this even further in ways like;

  • A profile on the largest fitness platform in the world
  • Gain a high FFP ranking that recognizes you as a top professional in your field amongst the community
  • Create a waiting list of people so you never have an empty timeslot
  • Use your profile ranking to establish a higher price poin
  • Use your profile to refer on to other peers so they too have a strong business
  • Help your company grow their client base by increasing client appointments

FAQ’S About my profile

Q:Is my phone number shown on my profile?

A:No, your phone number is only used for confirmation or verification purposes.

Q:Is my email sent shown on the platform or sent to clients?

A:No, you email is used for notifications, updates, confirmations, verification purposes.

Q:What is the purpose of the skills section?

A:The skills sections allows potential clients to find professionals with a specific skillset. The more skills an individual has the job opportunities they will receive.

Q:What are the upload requirements for images?

A:We highly recommend images under 1MB and ratio of 1:1 (square)

Q:When will my profile be put online?

A:Profiles will only show online once you have your Name, Country/City, Profile Photo, a main photo and at least one skill listed

Q:Who checks the qualifications or certificates?

A:Qualifications and certificates are not checked by Find Fit People limitedand are there for reference to the potential client that is interested in hiring you.

FAQ’S About Profile Rankings

Q:What is an FFP ranking?

A:Rankings are based on individual skills, and are dependent on the overall scores people have given you for that particular skill. This score is then compared to other professionals with the same skill to determine your ranking within your city/country.

Q:How does someone rate my skill?

A:In order for someone to rate a professional’s particular skill they must first be connected with the professional. They then simply go to the professionals profile, select the “Leave rating” link and fill in the requestedfields.

Q:If a professional has multiple skills, can a person rate each skill?

A:Yes, once a person is connected to the professional they can rate all theskills of the professional.

Q:How does a person know which skills they can rate?

A:When going to the rate/review section the client will only be able to select the skills a professional has listed.